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Company introduction

Shanghai Xin Zhi Robot System Co Ltd, committed itself to the development and application of automation technology of industrial robot, is the earlier domestic focus of automation engineering company in the industrial robot system integration.

Since 08, Xin Zhi with focus, effort, pragmatic, win-win team entrepreneurship ahead of peers, has made significant achievements in handling, stacking, loading and unloading, grinding, polishing, carving, welding, spraying, assembly and so on more than 10 robotic applications. Future, provide the robot automation services in the field of manufacturing we will continue to face more, including:

Aerospace and high precision field

The field of automobile and parts

Electronic and 3C manufacturing field

Handling and processing

Processing and carving

Forging and casting

Forging and casting

Metal processing - baiting

Other areas of non-standard applications

Other areas of non-standard applications

Hand in hand with the Xin Zhi, and professional and experienced team of engineers robot automation project experience in hand, we will help more factories improve automation made force, extend equipment manufacturingcapacity, reduce investment risk, reduce the production cost. We provide the robot automatic turnkey projects, including: technical services, consulting,simulation experiments, simulation experiments, simulation, project management,training, maintenance service

6 years, provided the robot technology services mature Xin Zhi robot has more than 10 industries, the successful development of more than 20 kinds of robotautomation applications, customers throughout the east central 10 provincesarea. Up to now, Xin Zhi designed and installed more than 100 sets of robot automation system is serving more than 30 domestic famous enterprises factoryline.

We look forward to, to be your partner!


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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