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Stone & Wood Industries

Wood products, stone products are a long history and is building and decorationmaterials are widely used in humans, in wood and stone products processing, still retains the processing technology and

traditional production methods: the world famous Zhejiang Dongyang wood carving, stone carving known

as far as 1000 km north of Dongyang, Hebei and Quyang Dongyang 500 kilometers south of theFujian

Huian is also true.

In fact, in the field of producers know, traditional handicraft is using the machine's advanced manufa-cturing technology and Innovation: the mechanized processinginto the wood and stone carving field for many years, in addition to ax, chisel,knife works with primitive tools, large processing quantity increases,

electric saws,drills, grinders and other mechanical gradually to intervene, and computerengraving machine

, carving machine is more and more become the main force of the batch manufacturing factory, the machine saves time and labor, not fatigue,carving precision, stable operation and is widely accepted.

The machine the industrial revolution brought about far more than that, and the market competition is from the traditional craftsmen technology and intensive labor led to advanced manufacturing capability and creative design capabilities of new competition. Introduction of industrial robot engraving machine, it is to makethe industry changes more intense -- round! Large round! Robot carving!!! Keenproducers have captured the new signal of market development, the robot made"God" made "like" the scene rose.

Accurately speaking, is a combination of CAM and computer aided manufacturingtechnology and industrial robot, in foreign countries has been widely used instone carving (3D portrait, animal gods, idols,

cartoon), 3D model processing(such as shoes, bra mould, car model, architectural model): robot based on 3Ddrawing data computer input, controlled by automatic track precision, theautomation tool in spindle

carving material milling -- one layer, two layer, threelayer...... Coarse knife, knife, thin knife...... Forming.

Robot carving system Free Masons and carpenters from the heavy and poor working environment, let them do the modelling design and the imagination is more beautiful play. At the same time, the robot greatly shorten the production cycle, reduce the labor cost.


The material cutting machining, surface polishing processing, goods handlingstacking;

CAM computer aided manufacturing: 3D milling (robot carving).


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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