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high pressure cleaning Robot

High pressure deburring robot cleaning machine, stationary high-pressure spray cleaning, suitable for high precision engine box, gear box, train brake valve,heavy machinery, motor, pieces of aluminum and other high cleanliness before assembling cleaning.

High pressure cleaning equipment configuration of manipulator

Model: HPC-01

Power: ≤ 45KW

Slot number: 1

The cleaning temperature: 60 (c)

Dimensions: 4000*2000*2500 (CM)

Application: the shell of the gearbox, engine pump body, train brake valve,excavator motor castings deburring cleaning after processing

Application: for industrial use

High pressure cleaning manipulator

Process steps: automatic feeding -- robot high-pressure cleaning -- low pressurespray cleaning -- automatic blanking

The cleaning parameters:

The cleaning parameters:

Pressure: 400BAR/500BAR

Traffic: 35L/MIN to 45L/MIN

Temperature: 60 ° C

High pressure water cleaning robot system advantage

Energy saving, equipment operation power ≤ 45KW

Area: 4000*2000*2500mm (L*W*H)

Environmental protection, suitable for a variety of lotion, automatic oil separator,liquid circulation.

High flexibility, suitable for many varieties, can clean the parts of multiple specifications.

High speed, large capacity, suitable for cleaning parts in batch.


High pressure pump: 50MPA*27L/MIN*19L/MIN*16L/MIN*23L/MIN

Shaft travel: according to the workpiece design

Repeat positioning accuracy: ± 0.05mm

Specification: according to the requirements of the design of nozzle

Manipulator control specifications: KUKA FANUC

Accessories (optional): the oil-water separator, mist collector, humidifier,automatic high pressure valve, indoor lighting

Weight: 6T

Power supply: 55KVA

Filter systems: precision filter

30MPA high pressure cleaning center, effectively remove dust, cutting burrs after processing, is to improve the quality and precision parts cleaning anindispensable equipment.

Automatic tool changer can choose the more appropriate nozzle, precision can complete complex parts washing.

The manual teaching programming, simple operation

Operating system can control 6 axis operation, such as the shape of hydraulicparts, complex parts can also be corresponding,

Clean and remove the burr quickly and accurately. More please consultShanghai Xin Zhi robot service.


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