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Machine Tending

Machine loading and unloading robot system, mainly used for processing unit and an automatic

production line for processing blank feeding, processingbetween the workpiece blanking, machine tools and machine tool processconversion workpiece handling and workpiece turnover, lathe, milling, grinding,

drilling and other metal cutting machine tools and automatic processing.

Combination of robots and machine tools, is not only raising the level of automation, is the production

efficiency of innovation and competitiveness. The material need to be repeated continuously operating machinery processing,consistency and requirements for the operation and accurate, continuous processing and made general factory machining process for parts need multimachine multi process......

With the improvement of production efficiency andlabor cost competitive pressure, the degree of automation processing ability and flexible manufacturing ability has become the factory to enhance the competitiveness of the checkpoint. Robot to replace manual feed operation,through the automatic feeding hopper, conveyor belt and so on, automatic loading and unloading system to achieve efficient.

A robot may according to the processing requirements, corresponding to the 1station to machine

feeding, feeding operations. In a multi robot baiting system,robot working in processing different machine,

take to complete blank and workpieces, improve the use efficiency of the robot. The robot can guide rail is arrangeaction d on the ground for reciprocating cycle operation in the linear layoutmachine line, minimizing the occupation of factory space, and can be flexible to adapt to different process switching between different batches of products. The robot can be in bad environment in continuous operation, running 24 hours, full liberation of factory capacity, shorten delivery time, improve market competitiveness.

[Characteristics] robot baiting

1 high positioning accuracy, fast moving clamp, shorten operation time, improve machine efficiency.

The 2 robot is stable and reliable, effectively reduce the unqualified products,improve the quality of the products.

3 no fatigue of continuous operation, reducing the machine idle rate, expand production capacity.

4 high level of automation, improve manufacturing precision, speed up the efficiency of mass production.

5 highly flexible, fast and flexible to adapt to the new tasks and new products,shorten the delivery period.

[material] on the robot parameters

Model: KUKA, FANUC robot. Xin Zhi according to user specified selectionpalletizing manipulator brand.

Structure: 6 joint robot arm type (an area of small, flexible action)

Loading and unloading of general load: 3kg - 90kg

Arm span range: 700mm~3900mm.

Repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.04~ ± 0.06mm

Installation: ceiling, ground, lifting guide rail, truss hoisting hoisting.

Common arrangement: 1 to 2, 1 to many (machine tool linear layout).


Auto parts manufacturers: engine cylinder, head parts manufacturers

Machine processing outsourcing factories: Machining link more field.

Xin Zhi robot can according to your need for process improvement, to provide optimal robot baiting technique scheme, please contact 0512-5031 5123consulting.


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