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In the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry, automation and robotnew solutions are becoming a new productive forces. Regardless of is thefrequent repetition of the sorting and packing and strong physical labor handlingstacking, or laboratory research and development of clean room manufacturingprecision and assist in health and safety management, robots are playing its unique value.

Advanced robot manufacturing business of life science and technology, can effectively carry out experimental operation mass detection, provide standard operating a range of services for the design and production. The reliability of the robot and labor saving property, in order to eliminate the need for technical personnel be trained with regularity to perform repetitive operation cost, by eliminating the possibility of human error to improve the reliability, can perform medical experimental application of various typical task.

In a traditional manual packing production line, a packing such as bread, cake,ice cream and other goods, sorting work takes a lot of labor and production time,and in the food safety supervision and improve labor costs rising today, sortinglarge is a throat link of restricting the production efficiency, sorting the application of robot vision system can help people lose a lot of sorting, and keep goodoperation stability consistent in the constant repetition of work.

Plastic strapping beer, transit use plastic basket, packaging carton, specialpackaging, a lot of products are waiting for the artificial from the production lineto the warehouse, the traditional high stacking machine even can replace the people to work as homework, but its rigid structure and complicated fault cannotmeet the need of flexible packaging palletizing small batch, multi batch, andpalletizing robot has become the factory of choice.


Intermediate handling: double handling of test samples, the vaccine, baked goods production in the carrying.

Before packing: sorting, loading tray, packing box, packing.

After packing: handling, stacking destacking, automation.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

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