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Non standard Automaition

Industry sector is relative, the robot because of its itself has many characteristics of intelligence,

automation, precision and flexibility, has become an importantauxiliary machinery and equipment production in different areas, but the combination of robots and other machinery is not limited to the Xin Zhi robotmentioned in the above classification equipment, abundant application of robot in many fields, will from Yan Zhi the robot and are looking for solutions you hand in hand to develop.

Future, supporting part of the robot around will be more extensive: visual, tactile,speed control, force control, the robot will rely on the "input" is itself to be moreintelligent, more human. The robot through the connecting combination with the surrounding more intelligent equipment within the plant, the plant

production more automation, intelligent.

Even, we can associate boldly: the future, robot with complex and large data of intelligent computing technology, in the premise of the human command allowsthe automatic synthesis, a series of market data

to calculate the conclusion, and according to the conclusion of the whole factory production strategy and real-time adjustment of the whole process, and need human according to the"request" the decision

whether to issue a "continue to implement the" command.


Xin Zhi robot in addition to providing automation solutions in the field of robot listoutside, also welcome customers to present special needs, we will according to the robot system of its own technical strength and years of experience integrating, as far as possible, help you to provide effective solutions.

the ability to provide technical support and cooperation to include scientific research projects, military field, efficient staff, users implementrobot technology and of our project.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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