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Warehousing & logistics

The cost of materials storage, handling and management of material flowenterprises accounted for more than 25% of the production cost, and the logistics cycle enterprises accounted for more than 90% of the production cycle.The automated warehouse is an important part of advanced logistics system, has become the logistics, reduce the cost, shorten up an important means ofproduction cycle, accelerate the capital turnover, improve the economic benefit.

Next to the small batch production of many varieties, instead of large batch,single variety production, development of flexible production mode, for material handling system (i.e., automated warehouse system) is more important for the.AGV, robot stacking machine and robot automatic picking system, allow enterprises to realize the automation of unmanned material handling, is widely used in warehousing logistics field.

Extensive coverage as warehousing and logistics industry, the robot will be widely applied to various fields of raw materials storage, transfer, production of finishedgoods handling etc.. Such as: feed production enterprise product stackingstorage bags, chemical fertilizer plant powder bag automatic

palletizing, other chemical building materials sales type bag product automatic palletizing, printingpaper products, printing workshop palletizing automatic stereoscopic warehouse,spare parts production

enterprises automatic stereoscopic warehouse......


Automatic palletizing, automated three-dimensional database.

Automated sorting parcels, express the automatic sorting, supermarket distribution stacking firewood.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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