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In the manufacture of production problems, no matter how many, we work together to solve

Factory production investment priority is the input-output ratio, considered aspersonal consumer shopping price general. The traditional manufacturing fight is the scale effect and the quality of the products of the enterprise, and in the final analysis, is the capacity and quality, highly intense market competition and manufacturing costs continue to rise under the dual pressure, factory automationimprovement has increasingly become the primary choice to enhance the competitiveness of the factory.

A manufacturing company are operating within the scope of the decision. Inreality the balance between technology and financial goals, and how to selectmore conducive to help the factory to improve the market position andcompetitiveness, this is Xin Zhi Think Automation to help you to solve the problem.

"How can we improve productivity? "

"How can we improve the quality? "

"What kind of equipment investment can quickly reduce management cost"

You know your product and process, we know that the automation andmanufacturing. Let's negotiate with your team, to ensure that you get all the good resources and expertise, commitment to solve your problem, and improve youroperation.

Whether you are in charge of production process of a factory, or as an enterprise management decision makers, we are willing to listen to your difficulties and to help you to try to solve these problems. Cross industrytechnology and project experience Think Automation accumulation was your high quality external resources, contact us consult automation business, technical team of professional service for you.

The introduction of advanced manufacturing technology

Manufacturing factories in various workshops, departments, each station, the need for close coordination and cooperation, in the complex division of collaboration, every increase a link quality and efficiency are both improved quality and efficiency of the whole factory automation transformation, each one link is to boost the entire factory automation the ability of.

On the improvement of non standard manufacturing process in all walks of life to the decision maker, for improving production efficiency rack sth. assumptions andtried various methods, production process optimization, managementoptimization, however big background in machine and automation, how to improve is not open around the automatic improvement, Think Automation willhelp you cleverly into the industrial robot with advanced manufacturing technology.

"There is no way to automate the process? "

"There is no way to achieve higher input-output ratio? "

"The system so we modified flexible enough? "

Robotic automation?! Perhaps be in before you contact us has been taken into account, but your idea feasible? How can a robot properly applied to production link you and cooperate with other devices running?

This is the value we deeper, Think Automation has been pragmatic and cautiouswe experience in automation engineering projects and special robot engineers,not only can help you answer these questions, can work with you to designfeasible scheme.

Feasible solution

Think Automation is one of the earlier engaged in a number of specializedcompany integrated robot system, also is an accumulated good reputation of robot automation systems, advanced manufacturing technology (AME) service process we is scientific logical method and stages.

"Our production process requires very high"

"Our product variety and output is large"

"Our factory production site environment"

Break the traditional ideas of special equipment, try the robot automation technology, choose a cost-effective way to solve your problem, lies in the process of our cooperation, you will find the value of it. This is not only the inputequipment to replace artificial benefits...... More advantages for your imagination space, waiting for your wise decision.

Here, from where Think Automation personnel, understanding of the implementation of customer projects, understand the robot AME process to the value of the firm.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

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