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Machine Tending

In the field of metal processing is fully developed and highly competitive, high speed, high precision,

high efficiency is the enterprise for the equipment has been the pursuit of. Bring the equipment and processing technology of high-performance products of high quality, low price, high reliability, can help enterprises to improve the profit, realize the value.

From casting to welding, from forging to cutting, unloading expected frominstallation, from cutting to the grinding and polishing, precision machiningtechnology with wide adaptability and high robots and

flexible and efficientproduction rate, provides an unmanned production mode to the user, to realize the automation of factory solution. Application of the control system and the prefabricated structure design, the modular robotic system flexible packageproduction metal products become indispensable good helper.

Combining with the robot and metal processing equipment, so that the processing equipment for the higher production efficiency, to achieve the shorter delivery time, while still maintaining profitability and achieve efficientproduction. Even very complex parts processing, automation production system with robots, not only can significantly improve the machine tool, machining equipment productivity, but also can ensure the member to be processed at any time to meet the increasingly stringent quality requirements and small batchtrend. Even if the technology development of a thousand li a day, the factory alsocan be flexible. Shanghai Xin Zhi robot with systems engineering capability, can provide turnkey solutions.

Our powerful partners, to technology and application know-how unique, provide process with the desired solution, help users to improve production quality,efficiency and flexibility. Our powerful partners, to technology and applicationknow-how unique, provide process with the desired solution, help users toimprove production quality, efficiency and flexibility.


Cutting process: oxygen acetylene cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting,mechanical cutting

Molding: press management, management, bending sheet metal bending

Welding: welding, laser welding, plasma welding, spot welding, pulse spot welding, stud welding, brazing, rivet welding, curling, glue

Machine: CNC machine loading and unloading, between work stations, andmaterial handling stack stack, pickup, stacking / destacking

Post treatment: the deburring / grinding / cleaning, plasma spraying, polishing /finishing, glazing, spraying, sealing

Quality control: the inspection, on-line measurement


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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