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Assembly Robotics

       1, the assembly robot is the key equipment in flexible automation assembly system, composed of robot manipulator, end effector, controller and sensor system. Structure type robot with the level of the joint type, rectangular, multi joint type and cylindrical type; controller using CPU or multi computer system, to realize the motion control and motion programming; end effector to adapt todifferent assembly object is designed into various hand claw and wrist; sensing system and interaction to obtain the assembly robot and assembly information of the object and environment.

        2, a lot of work of the assembly robot is a shaft hole assembling, the shaft and hole of assembly error, need to be compliant robot with action. Active complianceis based on the information and adjust the robot's sensor feedback hand movements, and the driven soft satisfactory use without the power institution tocontrol the movement of the gripper to compensate the position error.

          3, the assembly robot is mainly used in various electrical appliances (including household appliances, such as TV sets, recorders, washing machine,refrigerator, vacuum cleaner), assembly and other aspects of micro motor,automobile and parts, computers, toys, electronic products and components.

Characteristics of  the assembly robot

    The intellectual ability / torque sports technology for parts assembly, andeliminates the risk of death and the damaged parts.

    visual function, guide the robot to recognize and grasp the workpiece, transmitted to the accurate position of assembly.

    Robot equipment input-output ratio, short payback period.

[more] related application of robotic assembly

1, the robot dispensing: dispensing operation need material is moved from onelocation to another. Consistent, accurate industrial robot action makes them verysuitable for dispensing.

2, the robot seal: bonding and sealing is a process of using adhesive or sealantin the production process. The bonding and sealing of the robot can be used to increase the expected the process speed and accuracy. Robots are widely used for bonding and sealing assembly of small electrical components, electronic components, surface mount, auto parts mount, with extensive applicationprocess.


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