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Grinding Robot

[robot polishing]

The cutting software and machining force  advanced control technology, as well as the spindle, tool storage, table Goods are available in all varieties.configuration, can replace manual and deburring machine equipment, used forcasting, sheet metal parts, sanitary ware, notebook computer, mobile phoneshellgrinding, deburring processing. Robot polishing automation system from thesurface machining parts and products quickly and effectively remove excessmaterial.

No matter in what industry, mass production in the polishing process, is not without automation equipment, non-standard and grinding process and theflexibility required action, become the technical obstacle universal grinding machine. The grinding machine and the robot with a single robot grindingsystem for grinding equipment or complete robot, supplemented by transmission line andfixture technology developed into a complete grinding process automationproduction line automation can be done efficiently, non standard parts of thegrinding process.

The components with different materials for precision grinding is a science of itself. It requires themanufacturer with automatic polishing machine, polishingequipment and production lines, grindingprocess expertise, appropriate grindingtechnology and correct grinding process.

Shanghai Xin Zhi to provide you with non-standard professional piece of polishingsolution, help you solve the problem of grinding automation, boostingproductivity.

[deburring robot]

Deburring is the material removal for shooting the burrs, sharp edge processing,metal parts or fins.

Six axis deburring robot drives the cutter to people with a file, from any anglecasting around and above and position, very flexible, fast, accurate and remove the inlet surface of casting mold line, burr and millingdeep hole internalcommunication and finishing some should be through by aluminum skin to cover thehole.

This type of robot is essentially a special six axis machining center, but also hascharacteristics of fast and flexible robot, robot is processing equipment.According to the structure of the robot and the differentdeburring workpiece to design the corresponding equipment, application of this kind of robotdeburringefficiency increased by 4 ~ 6 times than the manual.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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