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Since the industrial robot is the date of birth, it and automobile manufacturingclose part, not as a representative of the automation technology support robottoday without the rapid development of automobile industry, and the development of manufacturing industry in the automobile manufacturing

industry to promote the development of industrial robot. In general, including appropriate industrialrobots

human fields: human cost is high, the high precision or high risk industry.It is because of the initial develo-pment goal and positioning reasons, makes the industrial robot from the date of birth is mainly used widely

in the automotive industry.

Belongs to the technology and capital intensive industry of automobile manufacturing industry, compe-tition in the market today, the core competition ofautomobile manufacturers is the high technology, high quality, low cost andproductivity. In China, the car industry is still in the rapid development of highspeed

growth, industrial robots are widely used, at the same time, in order to meet the need of modern auto

production, auto parts manufacturers also beganusing the robot replaces the manual, improve the level of automation ofproduction parts and production efficiency, product quality is guaranteed.


Application of industrial robot in automobile and parts of the more widely usedmature, are widely used in stamping, welding, painting, automobile productionassembly four production process, the more used

to arc welding, spot welding. Inmotor vehicles and parts manufacturing, motorcycle, engineering machinery and other industries, the robot also has wide application rich.

Based on the application

arc welding, spot welding, grinding:, polishing,painting, detection, moving, stacking;

Synchronous robotic assembly line

Our customers need a very flexible automation assembly process, and in 8 seconds cycle time to produce 7 electronic solar term door control different.

By stacking line quick change nest fixture and modular tool a fully automated to provide seamless conversion products.

High speed index of small parts assembly unit

Challenge: in less than 2 seconds to complete the molded plastic parts, assembly of very small.

Challenge: in less than 2 seconds to complete the molded plastic parts, assembly of very small. The solution we adopted so far the most precise indexing turntable,components for processing and nested tool.

Tier 1 automotive parts assembly

Combined with the automobile industry, the application including: hot iron welding, hot melt, according to monitoring, finishing, full function test palletizing and non-contact electronic position sensor, the whole system consists of 4 robot assembly unit.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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