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welding Robotics

spot welding

Spot welding has been used to connect two thin sheet metal parts, and without the usual weld. The current, a small area will converge very high energyworkpiece. Then by pressing the pressure is very high to complete the connection cannot be removed. The whole process only takes a fraction of a second, it is easy to operate and do not need to add additional material, such as gas or metal wire, can easily realize automation.

So it can be ideal for use in such as multiple point of automobile body mass production or large plate welding station. But the joint position must be from both sides to contact. This be an easy job to KUKA robot welding tongs for: the required as the robot tool constitutes a real processing unit for persistentengagement. Mass production of spot welding is suitable for vehicles, such ascar engine hood.

In this regard, almost no manufacturer does not depend on the KUKA robot. In this regard, almost no manufacturer does not depend on the KUKA robot. In addition to the automobile industry, spot welding is completed by KUKA robotsolution is more and more applied to the field: for example, instrumentation,electronic equipment manufacturing or production of household appliances.

arc welding

Welding robot has the versatility, high stability, wide application range, welding characteristics of excellent quality, to meet the requirements of welding processautomation, flexibility and intelligence, to improve the production process conditions, to ensure the welding quality according to the characteristics of the user product and process, provide the system of factory automation solutions:Welding welding quality, system design engineering and manufacturing,installation, commissioning, maintenance training and engineering services for the customers of the robot; design and development based on the specialautomatic robot welding (cutting) process equipment.

System composition: 6 axis robot, external moving slipway, positioner, welding power source, wire cutting, automatic cleaning gun smoke purification system.Equipped with arc tracking system, arc welding robot, starting point tracking, multi pass welding system.

The characteristics of arc welding robot

The integrated control technology, multi axis linkage, more simple operation, wide application range.

The off-line programming technology, good compatibility, suitable for complexshape workpiece welding.

The starting point for searching technology, used for error compensation model and the scene between production.

Weld seam tracking technique, to avoid the process of welding deformation.

Field of application

Automobile, engineering machinery, coal machinery, railway vehicles, machine tools, steel structure, bridge, lifting equipment etc..

The laser welding

Flexible plate welding quickly and, without the use of additional materials: laser welding is becoming increasingly important. The advantages of this methodhighlights: reproducibility of high quality and high accuracy, edge trimming is notexpensive, so the process is short, low cost. Welding different kinds of materialssuch as plastic, robot, mixed parts etc.. Because of the six axle articulated armdesign, the robot can move freely in space, and the laser flexible guide to thestarting position of the better. With the help of mirror on the inside, the robot can be more rapid work. An efficient solution -- not only geometric complex workpieces.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

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