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Plastic & Rubber

In the plastic industry, the robot can make the process more accurate and more efficient, and the robot itself has become more accurate and efficient, which is advantageous for the enterprise to achieve energy efficiency.

Plastic industry is currently the more development potential economic industry,plastics will also be the one and only characteristics become the raw materials necessary for economic development in the future. However, automation equipment is currently used in the industry often cannot satisfy the advanced technology and high standards of quality requirements. The robot can not onlyconnect a single flow cell, synthesis of a whole, firm and durable, can be used inextreme environments.

Six axis robots can be widely used in automation of various processes andmachinery related to the injection molding machine, robot is suitable for various size (small, medium and heavy), the versatility is strong, can be competent for all kinds of tasks, such as: part into, take out the parts and cutting, gluing,assembly, quality control and other processing. The robot can be mounted directly on the ground, can also be arranged in the seat or a bracket, with strong flexibility. Appropriate to extend the period of time also can further improve the performance of six axis robot, to achieve the perfect combination of precision and consistency.

If you want to have a higher efficiency and economic benefits, while increasing production flexibility,

select the robot is the better. Robots are light weight, small occupied space, can be directly installed in the machine tool, and the process is quite simple; rack mounted test robot moving parts of the light weight, so it can achieve high dynamic performance and short cycle time, thus improving the productivity and the economic efficiency, and fast return.


Injection molding components (bumper), blow pickup (PET bottles), assembly(auto mailbox), stacking, cut the gate and deburring after treatment, parts of thecutting, surface polishing, coating and sealing, flame treatment and coating etc..


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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