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Mark automation project entered a substantive stage of system design, it includes the electrical design layout design, the process design, mechanical design...... The Think Automation team of engineers is for robotic automationexperience and have experienced project tested professional team, in the system design stage, we will be with the user to maintain close communication, havecomplete control of industrial design and mechanical engineering.

The main work in design stage:

Project supervision

System safety design of robot

Design automation process

CAD layout design

3D simulation image design

Design of mechanical structure

The electrical system design

The design of hardware and software


Design of mechanical structure

Think Automation mechanical engineer to use professional knowledge to the idea into reality, which is the key in non-standard automation, mechanical designability directly determines the automation service ability.

Between Think Automation and user, the discussion about automation: eachcreate new styles of the creative spark to the eventual realization of a powerful and unconstrained style, or idea are discussed to veto, it cannot do withoutmechanical engineers with rich experience and professional knowledge of theinvolved in the control of the hardware, software, determine the mentality decision outlet.

Mechanical and process knowledge, perfect is our professional ability of heart,Think Automation mechanical engineer team proficient in almost all mainstreamsoftware for mechanical design, processing, system layout, and has accumulatedrich knowledge of mechanical design and. These professional skills, as weprovide a reliable guarantee for the effective application of customer requirements, and through automation is designed to help users get the following results:

The rational allocation of lean manufacturing process -- production resources

High quality results -- and optimize repeated labor in the production of

Optimization -- maximize production efficiency of implementation capacity

Save equipment cost structure design rationality -- both the cost of inputs

Energy saving energy costs -- new technology with maximum

To save the cost of production -- optimization tools and operational requirements

Mechanical design work to establish a solid foundation for the automationconcept envisages our, the hard work begins with the concept of thinking at first,after repeated assessment, discusses the process of the design processadjustment, until the final implementation in the implementation of the productionworkshop. Think Automation for the mechanical design of the attention, the implementation of many years of experience in non-standard automation and robot based system, which not only makes us and pragmatic spirit of enterprise,but also to the broad masses of customers with the professional skills and rich experience in terms of service benefits, credible become the user to choose our important factor.

Electrical and control design

Effect of various automation production of electrical control design. The key of the control design is the production flexibility, because it contains logic, motion,operation interface and data processing function. Arduous electrical and controldesign task is not less than the design of mechanical structure, the design as the former, electrical and control is based on the mechanical basis, at the same time,electrical control and excellent design is often associated with mechanical designcomplementary -- Electrical automation. Mechanical and electrical integration.

Think Automation control design team is composed of about 10 more than thePLC and robot engineers, in the accumulation of experience and years of experience in the project, they have mastered the programming operation skilled:to a wide range of network data processing, from the clear and intuitive interfaceto the advanced motion control technology, teaching programming to the flexible operation simulation programming software professional from the base of therobot from the simple ladder logic...... This not only enhance the competitiveness of Think Automation, is brought to our customers real benefits.

Our electrical control team working examples:

Logic design of the system hardware and software

Network and communication plantwide

Safety design, audit and suggestions

Machine transformation and upgrading software logic

Motion control, pneumatic and hydraulic system

The man-machine interface / GUI design

Data tracking and archive

Efficient programming and debugging

Mechanical hardware performance through electrical control software advantage,and electrical control lacks the ultimate realization of the mechanical structure isexquisite. Personnel control engineering Think Automation are system design and programming of the robot master experienced, it becomes anotheradvantage we provide project service -- advantage programming and control of robots, and to ensure that the shorter delivery time, more flexible anduncompromised quality.


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