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Robotic automation projects and any kind of automation projects, installation and commissioning on site pre installation and debugging for the implementation of the project quality plays an important role. Want to come out is one thing, good design is one thing, to do it is another.

Think Automation robotic automation project after the completion of the manufacturing and assembly, installation and debugging, the customer approvalon pre, shipment to the customer factory on-site installation and debugging, the robot and the surrounding facilities layout, pipe layout wiring, on-site teaching,simulation run, route optimization, fault rate of assessment, customer trainingaccompany a series on site service.

Robot programming, software development

The Think Automation team of professionals be trained with regularity and have rich experience in project execution, master robot programming and software development, a wide range of disciplines, can skilled use of the application of Cimplicity and C + + custom VB. From the core team building at the beginning,our team has the technical post well-known enterprise KUKA robot, Siemenscompany experienced engineer team, and in the future development and expansion of the master of the application of multi robots include FANUC, ABB,MOTOMAN, into the.

Robot engineer and the programming team experience, can deal with all therobots of the brand and model, and has been successfully put into hundreds ofsets of robot automation system. Think Automation software development experts can help users to create a custom interface and logic, which makes the robotsystem more flexible, more compact structure, more user friendly. ThinkAutomation robot programming expertise, will help to create value for customersin these areas:

Offline program development -- system logic and software development

Robot startup and commissioning (software loading, positioning correction,programming operation)

Process development and consulting

I/O communication setting and debugging

Robot cycle time and process improvement

Operation on the quality control of robot

The system support and training

The system support and training

Robot application expertise Think Automation include:

Material handling

The production of transit transport

Palletizing: Cartons, bags, drums

Machine loading and unloading: lathe, machining center, machine, forging machine, bending machine

Take: large tonnage injection molding machine side cavity take part, insert intopieces, die casting machine

The processing technology of robot

Surface treatment: polishing, grinding, deburring, roller hemming

Materials: laser cutting, water jet, cutting, plastic injection molding processing

CAM milling: stone carving, wooden sculpture, engraving, drilling model

Accurate trajectory control

Arc welding, laser welding, sealant / adhesive

Other non-standard applications

Installation and commissioning on site to start

Installation and commissioning on site launch is a part of test automation projectconstruction ability, rich field experience is to ensure that the key to the successof equipment debugging and system performance. Think Automation installation and commissioning team is generally with installation, mechanical, electrical, fromdifferent types of robot technology group, on-site coordination ability is one of theThink Automation team competitiveness.

The deployment of a robot programming, small to tighten the screws, our engineers will be conscientious work. In the equipment before delivery, the ThinkAutomation will be in our factory pre installed debugging, debugging andimprovement in equipment most formal operation, the equipment installation for the production of the plant site to minimize user.

Programming and debugging

PLC and HMI programming

The machine diagnosis in programming

Startup and commissioning

Installation and production support

Built-in display settings

Electrical and mechanical installation

To verify the robot and the surrounding facilities layout in place

Matching machinery fittings installation drawings

Cloth tube wiring: robot and peripheral equipment, control cabinet wiring, module interface communication circuit gas path, deployment

Debugging Teaching

The robot teaching, through dynamic adjust the location

Simulation run, run by the robot 30% speed

Path optimization, run by the robot 90% speed

The fault rate of assessment, continuous operation capacity detection robot automation, the quality of work

Whether you need a roboticist single support, is also a team to provide turnkeyoffering, Think Automation will serve you.


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