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Painting Robot

Robot spraying system is effective and high quality completion of repair sprayingwork. Use 5 or 6 articulated structure, arm has large workspace, trajectory can becomplex. More advanced spraying robot wrist flexible wrist, can be bent to all directions, and can rotate, its action is similar to human wrist, can easily into theinside of the workpiece through the small hole, the inner surface of the spray,spray is more accurate and efficient than manual supplement.

Robot spraying system can be integrated to provide a coating packageautomation components within the unit you. Spray coating system includes anelectrical cabinet, purification system, equipped with analog input and outputmodule, parameters such as the width, material flow, atomization pressure or voltage and electrostatic application of Baer velocity is used to control thespraying. The characteristics of the robot move freely, arbitrary control position,spraying and spraying time, a pair of nozzle can be applied to all kinds of mold.

robot spray characteristics and advantages

The robot flexible, large working range, can replace a lot of artificial fill spraywork, reduce the labor cost, improve labor efficiency;

Can effectively improve the spraying efficiency and the quality of spraying;

Can effectively improve the spraying efficiency and the quality of spraying;

Easy operation and maintenance, can realize off-line programming, can according to different work pieces of different action in order to achieve the better effect of spray repair.

robot spraying system configuration unit

Magazine type rotary cup system

The servo motor operation control: high precision, and the spindle withoutpneumatic control

Double DCU (transmission control unit) configuration: rotary filling and feeding

The transmission system upgrades: new transmission unit for magazine typerotary cup system and the existing equipment integration

The cabinet design and improvement: the cabinet by the machining of cast aluminum, surface coatings are coated stainless steel plate


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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