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Milling Robot

Carving has a long history, exquisite carving technology extension. The heritage of the folk craftsmen, with a strong local flavor. However, with the rapid development of the industrial age, in the face of order production and advancedmanufacturing technology of large quantities of progress, coupled with risinglabor costs and intense competition in the industry, machine to help people finishpart of carving, carving handicraft gradually become the mainstream of. The widely used machine carving, stone carving and wood carving is.

Robot carving system consists of industrial robot, electric spindle, turret, robot walking track, control cabinet and other components, the automation system integration, the robot to become multi axis machining unit. The system has some characteristics of five axis machining center, can adapt to various special-shapedmaterial three-dimensional milling, non standard parts, suitable for a variety ofsoft metal soft materials, such as aluminum, plastic, wood, glass, carbon fiber,composite and other large, complex parts of the high speed milling, drilling,carving.

Electric milling spindle mounted on the robot's wrist part (sixth shaft flange),through the quick change tool can realize automatic quick change tool. Actionoperation robot is controlled by a computer system, and through the exchangelinks with cutting programming software, milling software can be directly read Gcode from the CAD/CAM program, to make the robot multi axis machining centerwork performance, so as to realize the virtual manufacturing.

Robot force control software including the force and torque sensor, is mounted on the robot wrist, can make the robot cutting unit has the sensation ability,according to the workpiece surface inconsistency and incompleteness,automatically adjust the torque and force, the application can improve work efficiency, avoid the damage on the cutter and the workpiece.

cutting robot compared with CNC machine, mainly has the following advantages

Processing range: the range of robot arm outstretched, up to 2-3 meters, ifwalking guide robot (up to 30 meters), machining range of robot can be extendedmore.

Price cutting robot high: compared with the CNC machine tool. The equipment investment cost is only 1/3 or less.

The use of low cost: the use of robot cutting unit workshop, can be processed to complete the whole parts in one step preparation work, do not have a precise definition of work area.


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